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Re: dpkg errors

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 09:16:29PM -0500, Ashutosh S. Rajekar wrote:
> Hello,
> Some problems encountered while trying to run dpkg, I don't know whether
> this is documented:
> ---------------
> sh-2.02# dpkg --configure mawk
> /dev/fd/4: /usr/bin/update-alternatives: No such file or directory
> ...
> ---------------
> /usr/bin/update-alternatives does exist.

This is the same problem we discussed a few days ago. #!'s are not working.

Did you run native-install? What does "showtrans /servers/socket/1" return?

> Also dpkg moans while processing libc6 from the hurd distribution, saying
> that the architecture (i386) is different from the system (hurd-i386)

Your dpkg version must be incredible old. Please update to the latest
version ( i think), using

dpkg --force-architecture dpkg_1.4.1.7.deb
> One more funny error:
> sh-2.02# perl -v
> sh: /usr/bin/perl: No such file or directory
> Why such behaviour ?

I don't know. Maybe it is related to the #!/pipes problem.

Which version of perl is it? What does "ls -l /usr/bin/perl" return?


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