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Re: does the HURD run on this hardware?

On Fri, Aug 06, 1999 at 05:34:40AM -0400, Igor Khavkine wrote:
> Actually cross compiling the gnumach kernel is not that hard, infact it's about
> the only that that i was able to cross-compile. You can read my "easy" guide to
> doing that at http://pages.hotbot.com/sf/igorkh/gnumach-cross.txt
> Any questions or comments from more experiensed develpers are welcome.

Yes, Igor is right, it is not THAT hard.

It is even MUCH easier than in your easy guide!

Igor, please try the following and update your easy guide. As soon as it
really has the easiest way, I am happy to link to it from the main site.

For Debian systems, there are packages i386-gnu-gcc (a cross compiler!) and
i386-gnu-mig (a cross mig!). For other i386 systems, there is make-cross by

Binutils: Any usual binutils should work, at least if you have a i386
system. The linux binutils binary can process Hurd object files etc.
It is sufficient to create links /usr/bin/ld -> /usr/bin/i386-gnu-ld etc.

Header files: If you install the Hurd using cross-install, you can use:

cd /gnu
./dpkg-hurd -i /somewhere/gnumach-dev_*deb
./dpkg-hurd -i /somewhere/hurd-dev_*deb
./dpkg-hurd -i /somewhere/libc0.2-dev_*deb

Then you don't need the glibc sources! You don't need the gcc sources if you
use the i386-gnu-gcc Debian package or the "make-cross" script by Gordon
Matzigkeit. You don't need the binutils sources on a i386 (see above).

I think that is it. Feel free to ask if sosmething is unclear.


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