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Re: The future of Mach

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, David Lázaro wrote:
> I remmeber reading something about deprecating GNU Mach in the future. 
> Is this true?  Could somebody give a hint about what the next official
> microkernel will be?
>    As a side note maybe somebody can explain me why Mach is not wanted
> as the future microkernel in which to run the Hurd.  Tech rationale and
> such... Maybe you have some ace up in your sleave? :)
>    Good work, though, I thought the Hurd will have to walk a long walk
> before running in my Laptop but it is running nice (the laptop gets
> warmer than with Linux but it runs nonetheless).

I was kinda wondering the same thing myself. I would like to hear from the
people who are actually developping gnumach whether it's worth further
developping it and if not what is actally so wrong with it? I can say right
away that adding module support and FPU emulation are two areas that definitely
need improving. That is IF gnumach is considered a viable core for the future
hurd system. If hurd is going to run on top of another microkernel in the
future maybe some more effort should be put to improving them instead of


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