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Re: linux kernel packages in hurd dist. -- why

On Thu, Aug 05, 1999 at 10:16:09AM +0200, cej@CEJCHAN.gli.cas.cz wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just curious why there are linux kernel sources in hurd distribution
> ...sid/main/binary-hurd-i386 ?

The kernel sources are in the binary-all part of our distribution, which
historically contains all packages that can run on all linux platforms
without being recompiled (perl scripts, data files etc).

As the Hurd is very new, we have not our own binary-all dist, but share the
linux one. There are defintiely some problems, for example base/makedev,
packages that work under all linux ports but not under Hurd.

Because the correct solution requires major chnages to the Debian ftp
archive and packaging process, we can not hope for a quick solution to this

BTW, the linux kernel sources can actually be useful: We use the linux block
device drivers in the GNU Mach kernel, and you may want to update some of
them for your own compiled version of GNU Mach.

Really serious are packages that are binary-all for Linux but break stuff on
the Hurd, like the linux makedev package. We have indeed a problem here. I
am working on it.


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