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Re: Q: binary-all group

On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 09:52:54AM +0200, cej@CEJCHAN.gli.cas.cz wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm just curious what does the main/binary-all group mean:
> does it contain architecture-independent binaries?

Kalle did already answer this very well. They cn be binaries (like scripts)
or data files, or even source code.

> If so, what precisely makes them architecture-independent?
> Sorry fot his question if it is
> stupid. I'm just trying to understand/use hurd...

The current situation is that binary-all means: Works on all Linux ports
(i386, m68k, etc).

What I would like to mean it is: Works on all Debian machines, Linux and
the Hurd.

Hence, we need a new section binary-linux-all and binary-hurd-all. Ideally,
we would have much more sections (for example binary-all-i386).

Unfortunately, only a few packages are affected, and the people who could
implement the changes in the archive etc are very busy and would need to be
convinced that the clean solution is better than making for example makedev
architecture dependant.

If you don't understand a word, that's okay, because it is not your problem,
it is ours. For our users is only relevant that 1. binary-all is
filled with linux software for historical reasons and 2. some of this linux
software is downright HARMFUL under the Hurd, like the makedev package.

For now, we will add Conflicts: for harmful packages so they are not
installed by accident.

Working on a proper solution is,

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