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Re: problem with grub

Michel Banguerski <mickey@office.xoom.fr> writes:

> may be this is more a linux than hurd issue:
> when I dist-upgraded i was unable to mount disks i've
> mke2fs'ed after the upgrade under  2.0.36, but with
> 2.2.10 this works fine.

Please try "mke2fs -r0 -s0" and see my message
<[🔎] 871zdjx365.fsf@PC486.Niemitalo.LAN> "incompatible mke2fs 1.15".

> I'll probabely try to downgrade my mkfs in a near future, 
> but don't know how do this cleanly under debian.

If you have an older binary package like e2fsprogs_1.14-2.deb
somewhere, you can install that with "dpkg --install".
It will warn you about downgrading but proceed anyway.

I could send that version to you if you want.  But I don't have
the source of that version, only 1.15-1.

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