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Re: does the HURD run on this hardware?

On Thu, Aug 05, 1999 at 11:01:07AM +0200, Eberhard Burr wrote:
> I've been unable to find a quick answer to this question in the web,
> therefore I have to bother you with this.

Well, you may want to try


which has a fat link to the Hardware Compatibility Guide on top of the page.

> My System has an AMD K6 processor, Matrox Millennium II video (I could 
> replace it with an S3 986 based card) and only IBM harddisk on an Asus 
> SC 200 (NCR 810 based) controller.

The SCSI controller will be a problem. This is NCR53C8XX right? This driver
is not included in the binary distributed kernel, because it breaks non-SCSI
systems. You would have to compile your own kernel. Chicken and egg problem.
I can compile you a custom kernel, but not before I leave for holidays. Drop
me a mail if you can't cross compile a kernel and nobody else on this list
steps in.
> I'd like to try the HURD just out of curiosity but prior to getting
> the tarball, I wanted to check if there are chances it will run on
> this SCSI-only system at all.


> I'm currently running Debian slink
> GNU/Linux and there's no redmondish collection of device drivers
> installed (I don't dare calling that an OS ;).

GNU Mach has the same scsi and hard disk drivers as 2.0.36, so if you are
running Linux, GNU Mach can probably run, too. But see above in your special


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