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Re: does the HURD run on this hardware?

> This would be far from an optimal solution, but would enable us to ship only
> one kernel for everybody.
> I imagine this:
> Do you want to probe for SYMBOL1? [y/n]
> y
> Do you want to probe for SYMBOL2? [y/n]
> n
> Do you want to probe for SYMBOL3? [y/n]
> n
> Do you want to probe for SYMBOL4? [y/n]
> y
> Do you want to probe for SYMBOL5? [y/n]
> y
> ...
> Your configuration is:
> 10011...
> [further booting]
> $ configure_kernel "10011..."
> $
> where the configure_kernel script hex edits the gnumach kernel.
> Anybody wants to do this? The biggest problem would be to get the keyboard
> input, I think.

Ever play with FreeBSD? The interactive configuration feature is really
neato. Something like this might be interesting, but I'm not sure what the
Hurd's final driver model will be like. Don't microkernels traditionally
only provide cpu/memory abstraction, leaving the rest of the device
support up to servers?

--Michael Bacarella

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