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Wanna start to help the GNU/Hurd community


 Finally I decided start to help to develop the GNU/Hurd on some way.
 As i'm student there will be sometimes than I'll be more "slow" on
doing something.

 What I want to do and why:

  I alread read some mails from Hurders(!?;) ) saying they had installed
HURD just fine. That's great.
  Unfortunally, or not, I already downloaded several tar.gz vs debian
packages and was unable to get it to boot.
  So, I would like to during some months(!?!) install Hurd on several
ways (contributing on someway).

  I would like to know exactly from which server should a download files
to start trying it (maybe unnecessary question ...) ?

  I'll try it on an AMD K6-2 400MHz, 128MB RAM, S3Trio3D/2x with a 800MB
Hurd Partition. Have two swap partition of 64MB used for Linux.

 BTW, the error I was having last time was(gnumach 1.1.92):

/dev/hd0s2/boot/servers.boot: not found
Can't open server boot script: 5001
Server boot script? [/dev/hd0s2/boot/servers.boot]

servers.boot file exist: probably wasn't changed correctly

I'll be waiting for your answers.

Best regards,
   Nuno Carvalho

PS: Has you could see my english is nothing special. Meanwhile I think
we will understand each others.

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