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Re: new inetutils package with better syslogd

> There are still some major features missing from the linux version (unix
> domain sockets and other network stuff), but then we have a much nicer glibc
> integration and no limits on hostname lengths etc. It's a draw :)

I'm glad that you did the work you did so that my hurd machine will stop
complaining about the default /etc/syslog.conf's fancy syntax every time it
boots. :-)  But I think we most certainly should work towards having a
single syslogd implementation, and probably keep it a separate package as
the linux one is now.  

> (Another story is the kernel logger, we need to work on this, too, but I am
> not sure what is involved. Any tips from our mighty heros?)

There is not much that needs to be done in the syslog end.  The plan is to
provide a /dev/kmsg device that behaves essentially just like /proc/kmsg on
Linux.  The existing `klogd' arrangement used on Linux should work fine
using this just as it does /proc/kmsg.  

Now, there is in fact no /dev/kmsg device available as yet.  The kernel
support is there and (I think) works; it's turned on by --enable-kmsg, and
that should be in the default package version if it's not already.  The
missing piece is a Hurd translator for such "stream" devices (the `kmsg'
device behaves essentially like a serial port where the kernel's messages
are arriving as a stream of bytes on the input queue).  Okuji began working
on one (called streamdev) a while back, and it is not at all hard to get
the basic functionality for that working.  If someone picks this up and
gets it working, we'll put it into the Hurd sources.

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