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Alternative filesystems for Hurd

On Sun, 08 Aug 1999 15:09:41 +0200, the world broke into rejoicing as
"O.l.i.v.e.r T.h.u.n.s" <oliver.thuns@gmx.de>  said:
> On 03 Aug 1999 12:03:52 -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> >>>>>> Guy's Account writes:
> >
> > GA> On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Kirstin S. Reese wrote:
> > >>  AFIK, SGI has released XFS under open source, which is in some
> > >> ways may be
> >
> > GA> I don't think that this is due to happen until Sept. at the
> > GA> moment.  They are also still working on the licensing AFAIK.
> > GA> However, if it's not GPL I'm not sure that it's acceptable for
> > GA> the Hurd --- Gordon ? ?
> >
> >So long as it does not conflict with the GPL, it would be acceptable.
> >There is already BSD-licensed code in the Hurd.

> I think ReiserFS is also a very nice file system.

It would make a LOT of sense to take a look at integrating ReiserFS
into Hurd; it has a GPL license, which is certainly compatible.

Furthermore, the integration work to get it into Hurd would provide
useful learning and infrastructure so as to make it easier to do the
same with other filesystems that get integrated with Linux.
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