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GRUB 0.5.92 problem

I compiled the new grub and installed it onto my hurd partition with 
	root= (hd0,1)
	install= /.../stage1 (hd0,1) /.../stage2 0x8000 p
this was done from the grub program.

Everything went OK, until I tried to boot grub, at which point it froze.
C-A-Del failed to reboot, so I pressed reset. Perhaps coincidentally, my
CMOS was wiped. I tried to install grub again, without the 'p' option, but
it froze again (my cmos wasn't wiped this time). I have also tried to
install onto a floppy but it froze too.

I compiled grub on a Redhat Linux 5.1 system. hd0 is 210MB. I use lilo as
my master bootloader.

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