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Re: New trouble on first installation

Hi Norbert,

> Having done the "cross-install" of the debian-packages, I got to boot HURD
> for the first time (Oooh yea!) but when running "native-install" I get tons
> of errors. There is this message in th beginning:
>   Now I set up the translators. If you get Operation not supported
>   errors, you have forgotten to set the file system owner to \"hurd\"!
> And this is obviously the case here, but I have no clue what it means to set
> the "file system owner" to anything. Nothing like that is expained in the
> one page docu I have. I didn't even know, a file-system has an owner. Is
> "hurd" a normal system user name or what?

To set the file system owner to "hurd", you should create the filesystem
for your hurd partition like this:

mke2fs -o hurd /dev/whatever

There is no connection to users or groups on the system, -o specifies
which operating system is the owner of the filesystem. The flag makes it
possible to store Hurd translators on the filesystem.

Also, you can't use mke2fs from the e2fstools 1.15 (the current potato
version) for some reason. You must downgrade it to 1.12 (the slink



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