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Re: memory_object_data_request failed

OK, I tried that (there is actually a line which you can uncomment in
servers.boot now that I know where to look!). The problem is now that I
get the error:

(default pager): Can't find Linux swap signature page! SKIPPING

Now I'm wondering if that's because there is no device /dev/hd1s1
created yet. Is that correct and is there any way around it? Else I
might just have to give in and buy some more RAM (something about
"micro"kernel tells me that it _should_ run with less than 8MB though!)



Mark Kettenis wrote:
> You could try to add the lines
> # default pager
> /dev/hd1s1 $(add-paging-file) $(default-pager)
> to your /boot/servers.boot file, but I'm afraid 8MB is just too little
> to run the Hurd :-(.
> Mark

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