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Re: GRUB 0.5.92 is released

Hello OKUJI Yoshinori!

 On Sat, 7 August 1999 at 12:21:16, you wrote:
 >   Dirk, send any mail about GNU GRUB to bug-grub@gnu.org instead of
 > debian-hurd. I will not tell anyone this any more, and I will not
 > reply any mail if you do ignore my advise.

Advise headed, a proper bug report is on it's way.

 >   No. In fact, I have been using the emulator to install GRUB into a
 > floppy disk when developing GRUB.

You are right - it does work.  Stupid, stupid me - it has been
late and I guess I probably tried to acess a floppy disk that
was lying somewhere on my cluttered desk - inserting it into the
drive definitely helped to overcome the nasty problem. ;-)


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