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Previous open GNU/Hurd design discussions?


Are there any resources like mailing-list archives etc. that reflect the
past design discussions of the GNU/Hurd team? I'm trying to get into Hurd
a bit, but reading the source from the top down is pretty time-consuming.

These are some things that caught my interest:

* The phasing out of MiG, is there some replacement that is considered?
  Utah's Flick? Will MiG be phased out from the Hurd source, or from
  GNUMach development in general?

* The writing of libmom, are there any particular reasons to not use Mach 
  in the future?

* The deprecation of shared memory I/O; I seem to recall that the
  possibility of shared memory I/O is one of the main points in a paper I
  read about why IPC performance isn't so important anymore (I don't
  remember the title now).



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