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Re: Dying translator

On Tue, Aug 10, 1999 at 08:43:02PM +0200, Mark Kettenis wrote:
>    Ah, okay. I am sorry, but I forgot to apply the dummy interface patch to GNU
>    Mach in gnumach 1.2-1, so you have to compile your own version or wait for
>    the next upload. You can get the patch from me.
> Please keep in mind that there is a reason why the dummy interface is
> not included in the gnumach sources.  It was a temporary hack, and the
> idea is that it should be replaced by appropriate functionality in
> pfinet.  However I will not be working on this in the near future!

Yes, Roland explained to me that the functionality belongs in the pfinet
server. Now that I know that inetutils work properly, I am willing to drop
the patch (having an ethernet card on irq 9 did help for this decision, too :)

So the dummy patch is dead now, and I will have to change native-install not
to use it. Everybody unsatisfied by this is invited to debug pfinet.


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