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Re: does the HURD run on this hardware?

Aymeric Vincent <cs61b-dq@cory.EECS.Berkeley.EDU> writes:

> BTW, could someone (Thomas, Roland, Okuji?) tell us what the
> ``official'' policy is, concerning GNUMach? I'm still porting GNUMach
> to the m68k when I have time, but the more it goes, the less it seems
> useful... I'd very much like to see the HURD run on some other
> architecture, but I'm not sure porting GNUMach is the best way, seen
> the poor support it gets... Should I try to do something about libmom
> instead, or is this currently a dead end?

I'm not sure at all what the best strategy is, but here's some data
points that might help.

All the core hurd hackers are interested in switching to another
kernel.  Once we make a fairly stable release, one of our priorities
will be excising as many Mach-dependencies from the Hurd and libc as
we can.  I have a fairly good idea about how to go about this; I don't
think it will negatively impact performance, but the current libmom is
basically three-generations of thinking ago on this.  It does not
reflect any longer the direction we will go as far as practical
implementation techniques.

Once that's done, the next step is to find a suitable kernel and port
to it.  There are several candidates, but I have no interest in
commiting now since the space of candidates may shift considerably
when we are ready to switch.

If we do the kernel-independency work well enough, it might be so
cheap to run on multiple kernels that we can simultaneously support
several options.  I don't know.


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