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Re: GRUB 0.5.92 is released

Hello OKUJI Yoshinori!

 On Sat, 7 August 1999 at 07:12:48, you wrote:
 >   Exactly. stage1_lba is undocumented, but it works almost the same
 > way as the normal stage1. Be careful that stage1_lba supports _only_
 > LBA mode. You cannot use it for any drive that does not support LBA
 > (i.e. floppy).

And it does not work on SCSI drives either - I tried it on my half
IDE / half SCSI box with a floppy and a SCSI disk -- 'stage1_lba'
just barfed "Error LBA" or something and the game was over.
 However - colors are extremely cute and much appreciated - I tried
some just to get that exciting feeling new features usually induce.
Thanks a lot. :-)

BTW - am I right if I suspect that floppy drives are something the
stage2 emulator does not yet understand? (You see - people are quite
lazy and don't want to leave their OS - not even for something as
important as a bootloader installation to an ext2 formatted floppy
disk...) ;-)


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