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Re: Booting the Hurd on Adaptec AIC7850 fails

I know that for some reason, the Debian 2.1 Linux boot disk
hoses up on systems with aic7xxx cards because of some conflict
with the WD7000 driver; when you remove this driver from their
default kernel setup, it boots ok.

I don't suppose that the WD7000 driver is compiled into gnumach,
and if so, whether someone could compile it without this?

Mach is hosing up in a different place, though.  The last 
information the Linux boot displayed was about downloading
instructions from the Adaptec card.  Mach gets past this point;
it crashes after displaying the devices on my SCSI bus.  So
the WD7000 thing could be a red herring.

Anyone got a Mylex BT-958 for sale?  I'll trade you for the
smashed and burnt remains of a 2940UW...

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