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Re: Few questions

On Fri, Jul 30, 1999 at 07:00:12PM +0200, Michel Banguerski wrote:
> all keys i was entring where echoed, but only a half
> of them where processed ie

I see this problem only after running native-install, and when I
rreebboooott :), everything is okay again. Please do so, it is much better
then the tar files.

> but hitting every key twice worked nice ( nice for the shell, not or me :o)
> a part that the nativr-install script failed at the end (I'm sorry, i know
> this is *BAD*, but i don't remember what exactely vent wrong).

Mmmh. Was it something with fstype? That's not harmful. You can simply set
up /etc/fstab manually.

> Any way, i've swiched to the tarball installation from 
> alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus
> the gnu-19990505.tar.gz was corrupted, but gnu-19990104.tar.gz was ok,

I don't know why 0505 was corrupt for you, but do not use 0104, it is very
old and buggy.

> so i've installed the last one all seems ok, but i can't install deb's
> from ftp.fr.debian.org/pub/debian/dists/sid/main/binary-hurd-i386 
> because dpkg says that debs are "hurd-i386" architecture and the system
> running is "i386" and refuses to install. I agree that this is a debian
> issue, but i'm new in debian (but allready an unconditional supporer), and 
> have still some basic things to learn.

This is only one of the many dozen problems fixed in latest packages. Please
try again the Debian packages approach with cross-install and lert us know
the exact problems you experience (beside the strange terminal effect).

I would prefer to spend my time fixing the current problems than explaining
to you that the problems you encounter with 0104 are already fixed since
> I'd also like to know what is the apt-get port status on hurd.

Unported. I will work on it again, but it will take some time to get it done
right. Also, apt can be dangerous because it may try to install packages
that must be avoided (makedev, login), and I have not yet examined how
confused it may get.

Mass upgrades are not good yet. It is better to install/update one package
at a time. This also helps us to detect and record problems (dpkg has no
useful logging capabilities I know of).


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