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problem with grub

Hello everybody!

I've problems booting hurd, may be someone could help me
here's the problem:

when I boot from the grub floppy  and get the prompt
the following happens:


   GRUB version 0.4 (639K lower / 97280K upper memory)
 [ Minimal BASH-like ...... bla bla bla
 .............................blah. ]

command> root=(hd1,0)
Filesystem type is ext2fs

command> kernel=/boot/gnumach root=/dev/hd3s1

 Attempt to acces block outside partition


The partition i try to install hurd to is /dev/hdd1 under linux.
I install from debian packages (got from ftp.fr.debian.org)

here I'd like to say that i experience strange behavior during
when it tries to install the dpkg.deb packages, dpkg-deb dies 
with a sigpipe.

i can't reproduce this in a deterministic way, some time
it happen (rather often) some time it doesn't, my proc
is a PII 233MHZ running @ 233MHZ, fairly stable under linux
(i don't remember a single kill 11 of gcc)

the disk geometry is 527/255/63 (both in bois and under linux 
forced with append 'hdd=527,255,63') and, yes, it was
mkfs'ed with '-o hurd'

may be this is more a linux than hurd issue:
when I dist-upgraded i was unable to mount disks i've
mke2fs'ed after the upgrade under  2.0.36, but with
2.2.10 this works fine.

I'll probabely try to downgrade my mkfs in a near future, 
but don't know how do this cleanly under debian.

Thanks for any help.


PS: few days ago i was talking about 19990505 was corrupted
to me, sorry about that, i've downloaded it agan and it's ok now.

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