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Re: hurd multiple questions...

On Sat, Jul 31, 1999 at 07:39:10PM +1000, Peter Hawkins wrote:
> Having those dummy perl packages makes life a nightmare.... - do you
> think that the base/perl* packages could be replaced with their perl5
> equivalents real-soon-now [tm], so the hurd is properly installable?

Already done since a few days. The latest instalaltion scripts are available
from the web site and use perl5 (www.debian.org/ports/hurd).

> Could the easy install guide be updated to remove the timezones package
> from the "required packages" list?

This would vertainly be a good idea. Matthew?

> Any idea why when I try to  view my linux partition I get a:
> /dev/hd1s1: device not configured (or something like that)
> (having done an apparently successful settrans, and I used MAKEDEV to
> make hd1 and hd1s1)

Is the hard disk correctly detected at boot time? Is it really /dev/hd1 or
is it really /dev/hd0 (hd0 is master at primary port, hd1 is slave at
primary port).
> Why do I get a "gratuitous error" when doing a ls -l on /dev?

That's because we can't provide the correct information for the /dev/fd
translator. Instant faking wrong information, we just return a gratuitous
error message. I think this ratuitous error is not correct, and the
behaviour of the fd translator should be changed to provide as much useful
information as possible, fake some information that doesn't harm and return
a useful error message in all other cases. But I am afraid that for this
special situation no error number in glibc is appropriate (do we need a new
error number for this?)
> What's the story with ppp and pthreads support in the hurd? These seem
> to be the biggest and most annoying things missing to me.

Yeah, exactly. ;) [see PS]

PS: Mark Kettenis is/was working on pthreads, he can comment on the status.
Nobody is/was working on PPP yet.

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