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Re: native-install needs updating

On Mon, Aug 09, 1999 at 08:49:15PM +0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hello!
> Where can I get the current versions of "native-install", "dpkg-hurd" and
> "native-install" script?


> The scripts on alpha.gnu.org have some defects:
> 1) "cross-install" doesn't reflect the current naming and placement of
> Perl (if I understand correctly). perl-5.004 is a fake. perl-5.005 cannot
> be found.

> 2) inetutils is now net/inetutils, not base/inetutils

Fixed. This should really be fixed in the archive, it *is* base stuff.
> 3) "dpkg-hurd" still contains "anti-RedHat" constructs. The patch is
> attached. I sent it already, but it hasn't been applied. I hope, not
> because of political reasons.



It has been applied, but because I can't log into alpha.gnu.org with write
access anymore (need kerberos V or so), I can only update the script on the
Dbeian server, which is now the official place. The alpha script is still
useful for the tar file on alpha.

have fun,

PS: Thanks Gordon, I will. Danmark is a nice place to waste some time.
PPS: Now I am really away :)
PPPS: Don't think I write something funny here.

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