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ÖZEL TDEDEKTİFLİK HİZMETLERİ Kapınız ve kazancınız 4 mevsim açık olsun !.. [backup2l] strange piuparts error Re: [gmail] Re: Debian + Home automation packages Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] RFS: otf-yozvox-yozfont Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] RFS: ttf-aoyagi-kouzan-t -- Brush-style Japanese font Re: [pkg-fso-maint] RFS: xf86-input-tslib Re: [Pkg-scicomp-devel] RFS: fenics Aiccu: piuparts error application with no clean in makefile bmake instead of ancient pmake (bug #476267) Re: Bug#540426: ITP: acetoneiso Bug#566672: piuparts fails if testing a package which isn't in the archive C.UTF-8 : udeb exist :-) Changing section from math to science? Custom packages derived from Debian Source Packages Re: DEB-3: unclear patchfile header (was: RFS: backup2l (updated package)) DEB-3: unclear patchfile header (was: RFS: backup2l (updated package)) Debian + Home automation packages Dependency on oss-compat for (old) apps using /dev/dsp? dh_installinit: what to do if upstream provides a initscript? Done: RFS: ossp-uuid (updated package/NMU/RC bug fix) Exact debhelper dependency with format "3.0 (quilt)" A few questions after my first upload (sponsored) Getting packges into debian (was Re: package cuneiform) help with BTS mail interface Re: Indicating the resolution of a closed bug report Indicating the resolution of a closed bug report (was: help with BTS mail interface) Re: Intoroduction: pmcenery Lintian.d.o != local lintian Re: Man and UTF-8. Man page, the way to avoid lintian error ?? Multiple VCS fields in debian/control Re: Multiples binaries with different versions from one source file? Multiples binaries with different versions from one source file? Re: Re: need help with bug need help with bug #564394 On intermediary deb-releases, their archiving. On the htdig package original package changelogs package cuneiform package cuneiform - more info package split Packaging a library -- looking for documentation packaging scripts patch error in some arch piuparts error " E: No packages found" Problems with libsdl1.2-dev and cowbuilder Reforming 'orig.tar.gz' with included tar-ball. RFS : node.js RFS(JavaMorph) RFS: 20 debian packages that needs attention and sponsoring help! RFS: acetoneiso RFS: aldo (updated package) RFS: alien-arena (updated package) RFS: antennavis (updated package) RFS: awb RFS: backup2l (updated package) RFS: bro RFS: capstats RFS: cdpr (updated package) RFS: cobertura RFS: collatinus (updated package) RE: RFS: collectl RFS: couriergraph & bindgraph Re: RFS: cppcheck, new upstream version 1.40 RFS: critterding RFS: directvnc (updated package) RFS: duply (initial release, ITP) RFS: eagle (updated package, upload amd64 and i386) Re: RFS: easymp3gain RFS: enna RFS: fenics RFS: fiat (updated package) RFS: foolscap (updated package) RFS: freqtweak (updated package) RFS: fuse-convmvfs (updated package) RFS: gcin (updated package) RFS: gdisk (updated package) Re: RFS: gnofract4d RFS: gpsim RFS: gracie 0.2.10-2 RFS: gracie 0.2.10-3 RFS: graphy RFS: graphy (2nd try) RFS: gtk2-engines-aurora RFS: guifications (2.16-1.1) RFS: gwallpapers RFS: ITA of giflib RFS: jabberd14 (updated package) RFS: jansson Re: RFS: JavaMorph - IANADD RFS: keynav RFS: kplayer (updated package) RFS: lal RFS: libimage-exiftool-perl (updated package) RFS: libjs-edit-area RFS: libjs-extjs RFS: libmtp (updated package) RFS: libpam-alreadyloggedin (updated package) RFS: libqt4pas RFS: lives Re: RFS: mantis (updated package) RFS: mecab-naist-jdic - free Japanese Dictionaries for mecab (replacement of mecab-ipadic) RFS: meta-gnustep (updated package) RFS: midgard-python RFS: midgard2-core RFS: miredo RFS: mobile-broadband-provider-info (updated package) RFS: mp3diags (updated package) RFS: mpg321 (updated package) RFS: n2n (updated package) RFS: namebench RFS: namebench (2nd try) RFS: netmask (Updated package) RFS: ngorca Re: RFS: numptyphysics RFS: openshot RFS: ossp-uuid (updated package/NMU/RC bug fix) RFS: otf-yozvox-yozfont RFS: parcellite (updated package) RFS: pdf2djvu (updated package) RFS: pgn-extract (adopting orphaned package) RFS: php-http-webdav-server RFS: php-image-text RFS: php-numbers-words RFS: php-services-json RFS: php-text-captcha RFS: php-text-figlet RFS: php-text-password RFS: php5-midgard2 RFS: plasma-widget-yawp RFS: plasma-widget-yawp (updated package) Re: RFS: poco (updated package) RFS: polib Re: RFS: procserv RFS: ptpd - Precision Time Protocol daemon RFS: puckman RFS: pynagram RFS: python-midgard2 RFS: python-sshpt (2nd try) RFS: qodem RFS: qt-shutdown-p RFS: qt-shutdown-p (update) RFS: r-cran-scatterplot3d RFS: r5u87x RFS: ripit (updated package) RFS: roxterm (updated package) RFS: s5 (more DFSG free, refreshed Debian packaging) RFS: scim-array Re: RFS: scim-array [done] RFS: slimrat RFS: sunflow RFS: sysbars RFS: tesseract-eng (updated package) RFS: tesseract-eng (updated package, 2nd attempt) RFS: toonloop (updated package) // WAS: Re: RFS: Toonloop, python-purity, python-portmidi RFS: Toonloop, python-purity, python-portmidi RFS: ttf-aoyagi-kouzan-t -- Brush-style Japanese font RFS: ttf-aoyagi-soseki -- Brush-style Japanese font RFS: Turtleart RFS: vttest RFS: wav2cdr (updated package) RFS: windowlab (updated package) RFS: wmaker-data (updated package) RFS: xf86-input-tslib RFS: xfe (updated package) RFS: xiterm+thai (updated package) Re: RFS: yui-compressor The use of epoch in version The last update was on 07:32 GMT Thu May 12. 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