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Re: Aiccu: piuparts error

Hi Joachim,

> Lenny/Sid (i386): no errors - install/purge/reinstall fine!
> Squeeze (amd64):  no errors - install/purge/reinstall fine!
If I install/purge/reinstall on my own system its also fine.

> I have found another problem:
> your binary packages always get the version "20070115" without the
> added number (-11)! The reason is the second changelog file
> debian/aiccu.changelog which is detected first. You can rename this
> file to ChangeLog (i.e.) and add it to the file debian/docs as
> "debian/ChangeLog".
Yes I noticed that too, only didn't found the cause, thanks for pointing
it out.

I didn't solve it the way you advised. I removed the aiccu.changelog
file completely because it's the same as debian/changelog.
The reason I added it was because of the lintian error
"no-upstream-changelog", I added a lintian-override to silence this message.

> But I have still not tested with piuparts. I will do it tomorrow. But
> one word before this work: I have tested piuparts local with another,
> very small package with piuparts 0.31 and 0.38 and with both versions I
> never had a run without errors! So perhaps you have the same problem. I
> suppose that your package will run without errors on a piuparts of the
> debian servers.

Well, I changed the changelog thing and now the result is:
1m1.6s INFO: PASS: All tests.
1m1.6s INFO: piuparts run ends.

So the real problem was the version "-11" missing in the files.

Thank you very much for the help and now I can finish the package and
upload it.

Best regards,

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