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Re: Debian + Home automation packages

Eric Lavarde writes:
> Hello,
> George Danchev wrote:
> > * Generally, your sponsor(s) would want to test the packages, however
> > that would need certain home automation infrastructure to be in place
> > which is not available everywhere, so you might need to suggest a way to
> > simulate their operation if that is easily possible.
> I'm not a DD but I would tend to reduce the problem to a nice-to-have
> and not see it as a show-stopper: when I package a library, I'm pretty
> sure that my sponsors don't check that they work, but only that they
> compile properly and are in accordance with the Debian policy(ies).

Well, that might really depends across the sponsors, however, here are some 
points to consider:

* people usually sponsor stuff they are using one way or another (example: I 
for one do not sponsor java packages, since I don't use them)
* in the case of libraries, chances are that there might be examples to check 
some basic functionality the library provides or writing a really short app 
just to call some functions shouldn't be that involving anyway. And it is 
fairly easy since the library package is actually provided and ready to 
install/remove/whatever (example: yajl, stx-btree)
* chances are that your sponsor actually uses that library with their own 
packages and/or in their own software (same examples apply)

> Anyway, as maintainer, it's me receiving the bug reports, so I better
> make sure that it works ;-)


Sponsoring a package also means accepting responsibility for it, and there are 
no reasons to believe that sponsored packages should convey less 
responsibility than sponsor's own packages.

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