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Re: RFS: collectl

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 11:33 AM, Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:

> Doesn't that break regular builds?  Or does calling the binary target then
> clean it up by going back to run build-indep?

The in mapserver back then binary-indep/install-indep targets depended
on build-indep and the buildds call binary-arch. debuild and friends
call debian/rules binary while the buildds call debian/rules
binary-arch. So:


build -> build-arch
binary -> binary-arch -> install-arch -> build-arch
         \-> binary-indep -> install-indep -> build-indep


build -> build-arch
binary-arch -> install-arch -> build-arch

>> When maintainer-built .debs are finally thrown away and the required
>> handling for arch all packages gets implemented on the buildds, I
>> imagine the buildds will have to change to using build-arch instead?
> I'm not sure that I see the connection.

When that change occurs, there will be 2 kinds of buildds; the one
that builds the arch all and arch any packages and the ones that
builds. These will obviously be different for different packages, I
imagine the fastest arches will be chosen for the build-arch
independent packages. I imagine this will require changes to make the
buildds call debian/rules build-indep when appropriate and build-arch
when not appropriate. In any case, there will be a shakeup of buildd
behaviour with running build/build-indep/build-arch and installing
build-depends-indep packages so I'm hoping this issue will be fixed to
be more in line with policy.



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