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A few questions after my first upload (sponsored)


2 days ago Martin uploaded Aiccu version 20070115-11 for me, that's all
oke. But now on the PTS-page [1] there are a few messages:

> todo
>     * Lintian reports 4 warnings about this package. You should make the package lintian clean getting rid of them.
When I uploaded the package was lintian clean (mentors.d.o also told
me), is this because lintian.d.o runs on sid and a newer version (2.3.1)
of lintian (I'm running testing/2.2.18)

>     * mentors.debian.net has version 20070115-11 of this package, you should consider sponsoring its upload.
Am I suppose to delete this package from mentors or will this message
disappear when it migrates to testing?

> testing migration
> excuses:
>     * Too young, only 2 of 10 days old
This one I understand.

>     * out of date on mipsel: aiccu (from 20070115-10)
I can see the package will not build on mipsel because of "unmet
dependencies". Does somebody had to manualy confirm this to let the
message go away (that's why it's "out of date")

>     * Not considered
I assume this is because of the two reasons above.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

[1] http://packages.qa.debian.org/a/aiccu.html

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