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Re: Aiccu: piuparts error

Reinier Haasjes <reinier@haasjes.com> wrote:

> > @@ -1,2 +1 @@
> >  doc/aiccu.conf  usr/share/aiccu/conf-templates
> > -debian/60aiccu  /etc/pm/sleep.d  
> but now my file didn't get installed.

That is clear. But to say more I must test it by myself. 

Please can you say me which flavour of Debian do you use (Lenny,
Squeeze, Sid)? Especially which versions of the following programs do
you use on your system?
    - dpkg
    - debhelper
    - devscripts
    - dh-make
    - piuparts

Fondest regards,
 Joachim Wiedorn

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