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original package changelogs

I fear I may be opening a can or worms but also feel I need to ask.  I'm trying to add a changelog to my collectl package and as I don't currently have one, I currently have a file containing release notes, I thought I'd look to see what others are doing as my plan is to just write a perl script to convert my file into the desired format.  Lo and behold, the changelog formats are all over the place!

Some have header lines of the format:

Yyyy-mm-dd author email

Others include the day and still others don't include any date stamp.  Some have the first entry below that with the release number in it and others don't.

Is there any standard (or desired format).  Since I intend to include both my release notes and an automatically generated changelog, it should be pretty easy to create the log headers in any format people would like to see.

I guess I'll start with a header of date, author, email and no day.  I'll put the release number as the first bullet under that as that seems to be the most common.  Sound reasonable?


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