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Re: help with BTS mail interface


Let me address each point separately.

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 02:22:03PM +0100, Ersek, Laszlo wrote:
> Rogério Brito has submitted a wishlist bug report for lbzip2 [3]. As
> Rogério has accepted my proposal to use an external tool for his
> need, I'd like to close the bug with a wontfix tag. My question to

"Closing with a wontfix tag" is something which people do, but I
personally don't prefer. "wontfix", IMHO, should be reserved for
something like a potential problem or misfeature, which you
acknowledge, but don't want to fix, at least for now. Usually, wontfix
bugs are left open, so that 10 other people don't blindly submit the
same bug report.

I assume that you merely wish to close the bug in the following.

> the mentors list is the following: (1) what addresses should I put

1. <nnnnnn>-done@bugs.debian.org

> in the To: field, and (2) how should I format the body of my
> message, so that (a) the bug gets closed, (b) the "wontfix" tag is
> saved in the appropriate place, (c) my explanation message shows up

You cannot really close the bug and add the wontfix tag at the same
time. You can send a separate mail to control@bugs.d.o with
 tags <nnnnnn> + wontfix to add the tag if you want to.

> both on the bug report page, and also on another bug's page [4], (d)
> the submitter (Rogério) gets a copy?

Sending the mail to -done ensures that the mail is shown in the BTS
page as well as the fact that the submitter receives it.

> I'm thinking of something like this:
> ----v----
> To: 567196-done@bugs.debian.org, Rogério Brito
> Cc: 563929@bugs.debian.org
> Subject: alternative accepted by submitter
> Package: lbzip2
> Version: 0.20-1
> Tags: wontfix
> thanks

Won't work. :-) Check one of the several bugs which were just "closed"
from the BTS. Randomly, I'll point you to this one:



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