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Re: [gmail] Re: Debian + Home automation packages

> George Danchev wrote:
>> * Generally, your sponsor(s) would want to test the packages, however 
>> that would need certain home automation infrastructure to be in place 
>> which is not available everywhere, so you might need to suggest a way 
>> to simulate their operation if that is easily possible.

OK, I'd better check the log of the mailinglist, since I'm not
subscribed to debian-mentors anymore.

> I'm not a DD but I would tend to reduce the problem to a nice-to-have  
> and not see it as a show-stopper: when I package a library, I'm pretty  
> sure that my sponsors don't check that they work, but only that they  
> compile properly and are in accordance with the Debian policy(ies).
> Anyway, as maintainer, it's me receiving the bug reports, so I better  
> make sure that it works ;-)

Functionality wise:

1. I'm pretty certain that the function of KNX/EIB is working since I'm
doing nothing more than packaging well established products (in fact,
eibd is a subset of the full functionality. I don't want to package all
of it in a first phase since the compiler requires a lot more
dependencies that are not available on the target platforms for
automation (not x86 processors). On top of that; it provides
functionality that I would not want to make available to anyone: you
don't want to have a series of lights or heatings bricked in your house.

2. package wise; you can just install it and everything should be
started as expected. I believe that this would even be the case if you
do not have an IP gateway to your KNX bus (though I'd have to check
that). linknx dependes on eibd-server running; that's enforced in the
start scripts.

3. You could 'simulate' startup behaviour by manually installing a
eibd-server and letting the test system connect to the eibd-server you
just started. Again probably; since I haven't tested this.

4. And even if all this should be true; I see little point in doing
this: the KNX devices are so heterogeneous and any system is so
different from the other that full functionality test is impossible
unless you have a fully configured and customised system. The best I can
do is to provide a very extensive example xml file that people can use.

I do agree that it might be good into investigating in having a 'dummy'
IP KNX gateway; only for packaging; otherwise it would be pretty

  greetz, marc
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