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Re: RFS: poco (updated package)


Hi Günter

can you please respond a short statement about API and ABI stability of poco.

- Patrick

we generally try very hard to maintain API (source-code level) compatibility between releases, especially in the core libraries (Foundation, XML, Util, Net).

ABI (binary) compatibility is a different beast, though. So far we haven't given it much thought, mostly because the majority of our users use the POCO source code distribution and distribute the POCO libs together with their product. And also because maintaining ABI compatibility in C++ libraries is a huge PITA. As a result, we simply bump the library version with every release, no matter whether the ABI has changed in an incompatible way or not. Also, we use the same library version number all POCO libraries. Given that POCO has reached a certain maturity, I am aware that we should give a bit more attention to that issue.

I suggest we continue the discussion on the poco-develop mailing list (CC'd).

Best regards,


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