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package cuneiform

Hi all!
I'm going to pack 0.8.0 version of cuneiform-linux, so I wander what is
the proper procedure. There is 0.7.0 with the patch available. As I understand:

1. download 0.8.0 sources;
2. apply Daniel's patch and see if it compiles and runs;
3. build it and test on two sid installations: amd64 and i386 (I wish
I could get ready-made virtual hard drive files for that! say
sid64.vdi and sid32.vdi :)
4. ask someone to sponsor the upload?

Also, I figured out from some mailing lists that the Cuneiform name is
not suitable because of trademarks or something similar, so should I
cooperate with Jussi (linux port author) to choose another name?


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