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Re: [gmail] Re: Debian + Home automation packages

Marc Leeman wrote:
>> I have just followed the link to
>> http://www.auto.tuwien.ac.at/~mkoegler/index.php/pth
>> and found Debian packages there, right from pthsem's author. The package
>> should be taken from there - do you agree?
> I haven't done anything on pthsem (yet); I will need to do some work on
> it since eibd-server depends on it.
> Martin is always the first reference; I only took his work and worked on
> integrating it a bit better for end users (purely selfish of me; I did
> it for my system and I know that a couple of collegues that are not
> developers want to use a similar setup; getting it done the Debian way
> makes my life easier ;-))
> Don't focus on the packages as of yet; I need to clean them up; haven't
> done that yet; main focus was automatic install and configuration of
> linknx and eibd-server.

Since pthsem is needed for linknx, we need to wait for pthsem to be
ready. Drop us/me a note when you are ready.



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