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Problems with libsdl1.2-dev and cowbuilder


I try to build gnuradio from source, like it is now in the archive, to
fix some bugs, but I'm not able to build the package. It fails on a
Recomended dependency of libsdl.2-dev, namely libartsc0-dev.

What I did:
* Checked out the source from the maintainers git-repo
* From the package source directory, did
  dpkg-buildpackage -S -us -uc
to get somthing to feed cawbuilder
* set up cowbuilder with distcc like on [1]
* started cowbuilder
  cowbuilder --build gnuradio_3.2.2.dfsg-2.dsc --logfile

Cowbuilder/pbuilder sets up the build-dependencies:

 [non-sdl-packages left out]
libsdl1.2-dev{a} libsdl1.2debian{a}

No trace of libartsc0-dev
configure seems fine to feel fine and says:

checking for SDL... yes
Component gr-video-sdl passed configuration checks; building.

Building starts and after half an hour of building, the build fails with

ibtool: link: g++ -shared -nostdlib
.libs/_video_sdl_la-video_sdl.o .libs/_video_sdl_la-video_sdl_sink_uc.o
.libs/_video_sdl_la-video_sdl_sink_s.o   -Wl,-rpath
-Wl,-rpath -Wl,/tmp/buildd/gnuradio-3.2.2.dfsg/omnithread/.libs
-Wl,-rpath -Wl,/tmp/buildd/gnuradio-3.2.2.dfsg/gruel/src/lib/.libs
/usr/lib/libSDL.so /usr/lib/libasound.so -ldl -lartsc -lesd
-lpulse-simple -lpulse -ldirectfb -lfusion -ldirect -lvga -laa -lcaca

-L/usr/lib -lboost_thread-mt -lrt /usr/lib/libfftw3f.so -lgsl -lgslcblas
-lblas -L/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3
-L/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../../../lib -L/lib/../lib
-L/usr/lib/../lib -L/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../.. -lstdc++
-lm -lc -lgcc_s /usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3/crtendS.o
/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3/../../../../lib/crtn.o  -pthread
-pthread -Wl,-soname -Wl,_video_sdl.so -o .libs/_video_sdl.so
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lartsc
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[5]: *** [_video_sdl.la] Error 1
make[5]: Leaving directory

and then cowbuilder cleans up.

I see that libsdl1.2-dev recommends a lot. These get not installed in
the cowbuilder run.

The build log is quite long, so I posted just the most important parts.
I'm building from a VMware image with recent unstable, cowbuilder 0.60,
pbuilder 0.196.

I'm not shure what I did wrong. I don't understand why the package tries
to link with libartsc, without having it present. Is it supposed to be
installed being recommended? What does recommended mean in respect of a
build dependency or -dev package? I suppose it would use it, if it were
present, for some addidional functionality.


[1] http://lkraider.eipper.com.br/blog/2007/10/cowbuilder-ccache.html
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Patrick Strasser <patrick dot strasser at student dot tugraz dot at>
Student of Telemati_cs_, Techn. University Graz, Austria

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