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Re: RFS: gracie 0.2.10-2

Patrick Matthäi <pmatthaei@debian.org> writes:

> my wishlist:

Thanks for inspecting the package.

> 1) 0.2.10-1 was never uploaded, call this release 0.2.10-1?

The package was released and uploaded to mentors.debian.org, and at
least two people have version 0.2.10-1. This release is different from
that one.

Because of situations like that, and to avoid the confusion of a mentor
looking at a different package from the one I'm looking at but with an
identical version and release number, I always increment the release
number when making a new release to mentors.debian.org so the releases
can be differentiated.

The ‘…_source.changes’ file contains all changes since the latest
release in Debian ‘sid’, using the ‘-v’ option to ‘dpkg-genchanges’.

> 2) X: gracie: init.d-script-missing-dependency-on-remote_fs
> /etc/init.d/gracie: required-start
> X: gracie: init.d-script-missing-dependency-on-remote_fs
> /etc/init.d/gracie: required-stop
> Simple to fix.

I don't get either of those when testing with Lintian 2.3.1 on today's
‘sid’. What am I missing?

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