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Re: Aiccu: piuparts error

Hello Reinier,

- dpkg
  you:   // for me: Lenny/Sid=  Squeeze=
- debhelper
  you: 7.4.10     // for me: Lenny/Sid=7.4.10  Squeeze=7.4.10
- devscripts
  you: 2.10.59    // for me: Lenny/Sid=2.10.55  Squeeze=2.10.59
- dh-make
  you: 0.50       // for me: Lenny/Sid=0.50  Squeeze=0.50
- piuparts
  you: 0.38       // for me: Lenny/Sid=0.31  Squeeze=0.38

You see I have updated the most devel-tools on Lenny.

On my Machine in two real systems (i386 and amd64) and I have tested
your master branch from 05.01.2010 with the following results:

Lenny/Sid (i386): no errors - install/purge/reinstall fine!
Squeeze (amd64):  no errors - install/purge/reinstall fine!

But I have still not tested with piuparts. I will do it tomorrow. But
one word before this work: I have tested piuparts local with another,
very small package with piuparts 0.31 and 0.38 and with both versions I
never had a run without errors! So perhaps you have the same problem. I
suppose that your package will run without errors on a piuparts of the
debian servers.

So I think it would be a good idea to upload this package as
experimental and let it check with piuparts on debian server.

I have found another problem:

your binary packages always get the version "20070115" without the
added number (-11)! The reason is the second changelog file
debian/aiccu.changelog which is detected first. You can rename this
file to ChangeLog (i.e.) and add it to the file debian/docs as

Fondest regards,
 Joachim Wiedorn

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