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Re: RFS: acetoneiso

O/H Patrick Matthäi έγραψε:
Poweriso is used only to support DAA images. Could the option of
dropping official support for poweriso be a valid one? The users can
always install it manually if they want but including it officially
could wait for now. What do you think?

Yes this would be valid and a good choice.

So for now I leave it like this, with the ia32-libs [amd64] only in the Suggests: field.

OK, I have contacted the upstream authors about this. They provide html
manual, is this enough or should I write an official man page?

It should be an offical manpage.

I have included one in the latest version, can you please check it?

I have managed to include the changes in the patch also for the binary
files. In any case I have contacted the upstream authors to correct the

Ok that's fine as long as upstream fixes them. I wouldn't reject the
package just because of those typos.

OK, all typos are fixed by patch, in the next release I hope that they will also be fixed upstream.

I guess there are no bugs in the package any more.


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