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On the htdig package

Dear all,

only a few days ago an NMUdiff I had published in BTS against Htdig
got accepted. It aimed at solving the RC-bug 'dir-or-file-in-var-www'.
I did not realize at the time that Htdig had been orphaned for four
years now and has been living on QA-uploads ever since.

Now I am initiating a study of possible solutions for the entries
on the bug list for that package. However, I understand as of yester-
day that KDE predepends on Htdig, but I do not use KDE (prefering
Openbox and Windowlab myself). Therefore I would appreciate a hint
or two as regards to the use that Htdig finds within KDE-environments.
Such knowledge would aid me in not polluting the system with new bugs
after resolving any issues within Htdig. There are recent bugs filed
against Htdig that express identical flaws that also I see, but did
not address in the NMU-attempt.

It is not that I a priory intend to adopt Htdig, but that I would
like to restore its capacities and my inexperience tend to make me
stand in awe before the phrase "QA Upload"!  The popcon figure for
Htdig is two magnitudes larger than for any of the packages I have
touched so far.

My best regards,
Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

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