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Re: RFS: r-cran-scatterplot3d


Philip Rinn wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "scatterplot3d".

presuming that Philip will take care of the package and become a good DM
quickly, I would like to sponsor the package - also haven taken notice
of the PPC comment (a platform once close to my heart) and that the
package may be important for my own work. And yes, Philip is a likely
candidate for a strong supporter for the autobuilding and may help out
with the PPC platform :)

To continue the thoughts that this thread has brought back to our
attentions, we need a way to become more dynamic towards external sites
and backports.org may pave the way of such external efforts a bit. If
one takes R/qtl (r-cran-qtl) for instance, it is only usable in testing,
not it stable, it updates too quickly. Andreas: in my mind one always
wants the latest version for at least three reasons, at least for those
packages close to our biomedical domains:
 * bug fixes (there are "always" exceptions discovered)
 * developments (new ideas, new implementations)
 * communication (we want to make sure we talk about the same thing and
"the latest" is the only invariant here :) )

With changes in the api that a stable workflow needs to take care of,
one should set the package "on hold" via the dpkg --set-selections scheme.

Philip, please contact me in a PM if there is still demand for sponsoring.

Many greetings


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