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Re: dh_installinit: what to do if upstream provides a initscript?

On 01/07/2010 06:52 PM, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Darshaka Pathirana <dpat@syn-net.org> writes:
>> I have the following situation:
>> I have a "upstream"-package which provides an init.d-script.
>> dh_installinit(1) states:
>> ,----
>> | If a file named debian/package.init exists, then it is installed into
>> | etc/init.d/package in the package build directory, with "package"
>> | replaced by the package name.
>> `----
>> So here the simple question (for which I could not find a simple
>> answer):
>> What to do if upstream already provides an init-script? Am I supposed
>> to copy the init-script into the debian directory or is there a better
>> solution to avoid double-handling the file?
> dh_installinit will just do the maintainer script modifications if there
> is no package.init file.  You can use whatever other mechanism works (such
> as the upstream make install rule, if it does the right thing) to install
> the init script into the Debian packaging area.

I am sorry for bugging you but the answer is again RTFM.


|        -o, --onlyscripts
|            Only modify postinst/postrm/prerm scripts, do not actually install
|            any init script or default files. May be useful if the init script
|            is shipped and/or installed by upstream in a way that doesn’t make
|            it easy to let dh_installinit find it.

Must have had not enough sleep and/or not enough coffee. ;)

Thank you!

 - Darsha

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