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Re: RFS: acetoneiso


Thank you very much for your review, here are my changes in the updated package

> Hello,
> here is my review:
> * debian/control:
> - - The package depends on ia32-libs [amd64], what the fuck? Why?

>From the README of the program:
- AcetoneISO uses poweriso binary file to convert and extract images.
  It is not shipped with our software and will be downloaded when
needed from www.poweriso.com .
  Poweriso is a Freeware software so sources are not available.
  Please note that it will only work on x86 32-bit Operating Systems.
  It is however possible to make it run on x64 64-bit OS, for example you must
  install at least "ia32-libs" package. Other packages may be required.

I have moved ia32-libs to Suggests; do you think I should drop it altogether?

> - - libqt4-gui | libqtgui4 => the right dependency is added by
> shlibs:Depends


> * debian/copyright:
> - - The downloaded from link is not valid.


> * general:
> There are many useless whitespaces at EOL:
> m...@exez:~/build/acetoneiso/acetoneiso-2.2.1/debian$ grep -c \ $ *
> changelog:7
> control:4
> copyright:4


> lintian:
> Those have to be fixed before I upload it:
> I: acetoneiso: copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright
> I: acetoneiso: description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly
> W: acetoneiso: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/acetoneiso

The upstream authors do not provide a manpage. Is this warning so
serious so that I will have to write one myself or can it be ignored
for now?

> I: acetoneiso: desktop-entry-contains-encoding-key
> /usr/share/applications/AcetoneISO.desktop:3 Encoding

Fixed with a patch

> Also there are many spelling errors in the upstream source, reported by
> lintian. You may patch them and send it to upstream (if they are no
> false positives):

I added a patch  which corrects many of the spelling mistakes except
for the .qm files which are translation files for QT programs and the
final executable uses directly them. The problem is that they are in
binary format and I cannot patch them. Do you have any suggestion on
how to handle this? In any case I will contact the authors to ask them
to update them upstream.

Thanks you very much for your review again.
Could you please CC me in any replies since I am not subscribed in the
mentors list?


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