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Re: need help with bug #564394

Ury Stankevich writes:
> Hi,

> i can't repeat this bug..

You can try with:
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS='parallel=4' dpkg-buildpackage
... and maybe you need to try that several times to reproduce.

> I suspect it can be caused by errors in debian/rules, since in current
> version of stx-btree i use `dh_prep` from both `install-arch` and
> `install-indep` targets, can they interfere on multicore box ?

This is absolutely possible, yes.

> Maybe i should make some pre-install target and do all this stuff
> (dh_testdir.... dh_installdirs) from it ?

I would suggest removing the parallel support altogether, since this is only a 
smallish package and fighting the target dependencies will not bring too much 
of benefits. Agreed?

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