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The use of epoch in version

Dear mentors,

would it be a correct usage to utilize epoch 1 on a package that
abondons the tarball-in-tarball model for the 3.0-quilt format?

In setting a positive epoch in the control file, I still notice
that all package files are assigned a version that does not
display the epoch-prefix "1:", yet I know that many packages
brought in from a repository displays such prefixes. Could it be
that the build daemons assign those?

Last question: Abondoning the tarball-in-tarball form of the
orig.tar-file would change the upstream tarball that comes with the
repackaged debian source, without changes to the upstream version.
Would the increase in epoch number in itself prevent errors in
the repository checks, or is some additional measure needed in
order to make the change of orig.tar-file possible?

Mats Erik Andersson,

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