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Re: RFS: acetoneiso

Hello Patrick,

I have uploaded an updated version of acetoneiso which addresses the
issues mentioned by the ftpmaster (email attached)


O/H Torsten Werner έγραψε:
> Hello Torsten,
> First of all thanks for your comments.
> O/H Torsten Werner έγραψε:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > your package depends on nonexistent package mencoder and the file manual.html
> mencoder is not packaged in debian from what I saw, but also is not an
> obligatory dependency for the package. If it is installed the program
> can take advantage of it.
> Do you think that I should move mencoder from Depends to Suggests or
> drop it altogether?

Suggests is okay.

> > is GFDL licensed which is not documented in the copyright file.
> Is it enough to just mention the license of the manual in the copyright
> file or more changes are needed? For example I have read that packages
> with GFDL do not go in main. Is this correct?

GFDL licensed content with 'Invariant Sections' fail to meet the DFSG
but it is okay without 'Invariant Sections'.


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