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Re: RFS: mantis (updated package)

Thanks Olivier,

Nice to read you again :-)

Olivier Berger wrote:
> Le jeudi 31 décembre 2009 à 03:44 +0100, sils a écrit :
>> On my actually status, i just want to do things as better, step by step,
>> i am not actually the official maintainer since it will be upload the
>> newest package, because of that reason I don't want to send nothing to
>> bts to prevent confusions.
> I'm not sure you should be so cautious about closing bugs even if you're
> not stated yet as the maintainer of the package in teh archive.

I'm not sure too, then I prefer to wait for the new package upload, then
it wouldn't be any confusions. I'm not the official maintainer, i'm not
the person who open the bugs, then if there's a reasonable doubt, I
suppose it would be better to wait.

> But maybe I'm wrong.

May be I'm wrong too :-)

> Just my 2 cents,

You're welcome!

> Best regards,

Kind regards,


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