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Re: original package changelogs

Il giorno dom, 10/01/2010 alle 22.58 +0800, Paul Wise ha scritto:
> I assume you are talking about the upstream ChangeLog rather than
> debian/changelog.
> The only standard I am aware of for that is the one described in the
> GNU coding standards document[1].

The suggested document doesn't mention releases, as far as I read. If I
understand correctly, it suggests that each "paragraph" of the Changelog
describes a modification, or a day of work...

I'd say that in general the main goal of a changelog is to map each
_release_ to a set of changes (OK, and a date too), so that the reader
can answer immediately to the questions:
- what's new in version x?
- in which version was capability y introduced?

So I fear even that doesn't really answer Paul's question.


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