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Re: RFS: easymp3gain

Am 01.01.2010 17:19, schrieb Matthias Klumpp:
Thanks for reviewing the package!

* debian/control:
- - Please expand your long description, it is a bit short.
- - Write "mp3,ogg,mp4" as "mp3, ogg and mp4" please

* debian/rules:
- - Use dh_lintian to install your override file
- - Remove the useless newlines and whitespaces at EOL

Currently the package is not buildable, because of #563236.
This is really annoying. I built the package with my of version of FPC and
Lazarus packages which do not have this error... Today FPC 2.4.0 was
released, so the problem will vanish if the new version gets packaged for
Debian and Lazarus is rebuilt.

I uploaded the new version of easyMp3Gain.

Freundliche Grüße und frohes neues Jahr / Kind regards and a happy new
   Matthias Klumpp

Please always keep the dsc link in those emails.

Please resend the RFS to me, if lazarus is fixed.

Cheers und frohes neues ;)

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